We Translate Science Into Treatment

Our co-workers build our company. We believe that our workplace should not only be full of expertise but also of warmth, transparency and flexibility. A place that is open for fast adaptation to new, innovative techniques. Committed to our work, we aim for high-quality deliverables that will meet your expectations. All to facilitate the translation of science into treatment.


Our FIH research unit has 12 hospital beds and is conveniently located adjacent to the ICU, PET-centre and MRI-facilities at Uppsala University Hospital. Safety always comes first.

Early phase

Oscar has 16 beds and is located in conjunction with CTC’s head office, next to the hospital. At this research unit we offer bioavailability and bioequivalence studies.

Late phase

Our two SMO sites located in Uppsala and Linköping have all the equipment, infrastructure and experienced personnel needed to effectively support the study team.