Aerosol Exposure System

In July 2019, CTC was contracted by Inhalation Sciences to carry out a clinical trial to validate PreciseInhale, their flagship aerosol exposure system, for clinical use. The PreciseInhale aerosol exposure system generates aerosols in precise, repeatable and controlled doses. It enables the pharma industry to generate predictive end-to-end data on the same research instrument throughout the whole drug development process, from preclinical to clinical testing. This leads to generation of data with higher quality and higher precision, thereby reducing errors, accelerating drug development and preventing clinical failure.

The clinical validation study is planned to start during 2020 and will continue for 15 months after the first patient has entered the study. The study aims to validate the aerosol exposure system for use in clinical trials on a technical and regulatory level.

At CTC, we are looking forward to running the system and exploring how PreciseInhale performs in aerosol tests in human subjects. When the trial is completed, we are excited to serve as a preferred site for the use of this special technique in future clinical trials.